CONTEST: Win a copy of Frozen 2!

We're giving away 4 copies of the official number one animated featured of all-time!
Frozen What to win your own copy of Frozen 2 to watch whenever you like? Of course you do! (Disney)

Frozen 2 was more than just a sequel to a mega-hit movie. It was a massive smash all on its own.

In fact, even though it is the one with "2" in its title, Frozen 2 surpassed Frozen—and every other animated film—to become the number one animated feature of all time. (It's safe to say that people really, really wanted to build that snowman!)

And though we're all feeling a bit chilly these days as winter drags on, we have some great news to warm your hearts—Frozen 2 is available today on Blu-ray/DVD—and we're giving four copies away to ... you? Hey, why not?

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Contest time!

frozen 2

(Courtesy of Disney)

You could win 1 of 4 copies of watch Frozen 2—a video package that includes bonus features, deleted scenes, deleted songs, Easter eggs, outtakes, and sing-alongs. Yay! Singing is our favourite! Speaking of which ...

For a chance to win, just comment below with your name and answer to the following question:

What is your favourite Frozen song?

Good luck!

And check out the trailer for Frozen 2 below!

Contest is open to residents of Canada only. Prize courtesy of Disney. Contest closes on March 3rd at 11:59AM EST. Winner will be randomly chosen. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen here.

Frozen 2 is available in digital 4K Ultra HD now, and on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD on Feb. 25.

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  1. I teach grade five and my class and I went to see “Frozen 2” as a treat before Christmas.

    We loved it, and our favourite song was, “Into the Unknown!!!!!”Please consider us for a copy of that wonderful movie with all its positive themes, such as “You don’t need to be magic to be a leader” – Anna.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Frozen and Frozen 2 are both amazing movies! I love all the songs but my favorite is “Show yourself”!

  3. My personal favourite song is Show Yourself because it’s her transformation song! Let It Go was my fave and her transformation song in the first movie. And she gets to “see her mom again”. She doesn’t really but still. It’s a really powerful and impressive so g in my opinion.

  4. My favourite Frozen song is Let It Go. I was suppose to go watch Frozen 2 with a friend in December, but I got sick and couldn’t go. I hope I can get a DVD through this contest. Thank you. 😛

  5. We love the original Let it Go song but also love the new Into the Unknown song. We would absolutely love to own this movie.

  6. My girl and i love the song “Let It Go”. We have song it a million timez. Time to get some new songs to sing.

  7. Tom MacLean –
    On behalf of my daughter Rose who is
    6 years old and still learning to read and write.

    She’s a huge fan and her favorite Frozen song is
    “Into the unknown” from Frozen 2.

    Btw, we’re big Owl readers in our household. We love your magazine (I used to read it as a kid) and now as a teacher I often use your articles in class to share with my students . They love it!!

  8. My oldest daughter Sammi, 9 years old, says she loves Into the Unknown and my youngest Sofia, 6 years old, loves Let It Go!

  9. Hey OWL, my favorite song in Frozen two (even if I loved all of them) is Show Yourself because that’s when Elsa discovers her true self, and find the truth about the past. Also there si a lot of hight pitched notes, which is my favorite part in a song !
    I really hope I will win this copy because my mom still hasn’t watched it and we don’t have time to go to the movies !
    Thank you so much,

  10. I like the song “Summer” by Olaf in the first movie.
    I also like “Show Yourself” by Elsa in the second movie.

  11. I have never seen Frozen 2 but my favourite is in summer by olaf. I like the part when he is dancing with the cane.???⛵⛄??

    1. niece sings let it go like all the time it’s actually a good song i like it too by demi lavato

    1. I do that want to enter this, but my sisters fave is All is Found, my mom’s is Lost In the Woods, mine is Show Yourself and my dad’s is probably Summer.

      I do not want to enter this, just wanted to say it.

  12. While played too often, Let It Go has a power to it beyond the movie so I loved that one the most!

    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone.


  13. love it!! I’ve actually watched frozen before so i was happy to see frozen 2 my niece whose bday is this month is obsessed and this would make her so happy!!!!

  14. Our favourite Frozen song is Into The Unknown, but we love many of the songs from both movies. 🙂

  15. Our favourite Frozen song is Into The Unknown, but we love many of the songs from both movies. 🙂

  16. My daughter still loves belting out Let it Go. I love the whole soundtrack – I usually sing the Anna parts and she sings Elsa.

  17. My favourite song is Let it Go. The kids like to sing and dance to it and I often am part of that dance 🙂

  18. For the first time in forever!

    Would love to win as I tried to take my girls to the theatre on 3 occasions and it didn’t happen. Thanks and good luck to all!

  19. Oh my goodness they are all great songs from both movies. Right now though I have to say Into the Unknown, the way my daughter’s sing it. Especially my 4yr old and those high notes. ?? wonderful memories.

  20. I really loved into the unknown in frozen 2 but I have to say my absolute favourite song is Olaf singing “When I’m older”

  21. Let It Go!
    “The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
    Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried
    Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
    Be the good girl you always have to be
    Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know”
    This is a song about shame. Shame does not survive when you stop hiding.

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