CONTEST: Win a copy of Mary Poppins Returns

We're giving away 3 Blu-Ray™ copies of the hit Disney film to...maybe you? Can you imagine that? We can!
mary Poppins returns We think that this is a practically perfect prize, in every way! (©2019 Disney)

One of the most charming films of 2018—and a staff favourite—was Mary Poppins Returns. Is it any wonder why?

The movie took us back to Cherry Tree Lane, the home of the Banks family in the original 1964 Mary Poppins. Set 25 years after the first film, Michael Banks still lives in his childhood home and works at Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. So everything worked out, right?

Well... unfortunately Michael had to take out a loan to keep paying for the home. And now the bank is demanding its money back or it will take the home. Michael's children—Annabel, John, and Georgie—might be able to help their father, too. But honestly, we all know who this is a job for...

It's time for Mary Poppins to return!

Sing along at home, all you like!

(©2018 Disney)

It might seem surprising for a sequel that took 54 years to happen to work as well as it does, but you know what? There's something quite magical about Mary—her mix of whimsy and wisdom, stern looks and surprising silliness, is infectious whatever the year. It's why she never really stopped being a huge part of the lives of kids and adults alike.

This contest is now closed.

Contest time!

Speaking of which, Disney is helping us give away THREE (3) Blu-Ray™ copies of this new classic to three lucky readers of OWLconnected.

To enter, just comment below with your answer to the following question:

If you could write a new song for Mary Poppins, what would it be called?

Contest is open to residents of Canada only. Contest closes on Tuesday, March 26th at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be randomly chosen. Prizes courtesy of Disney. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen here.

Mary Poppins Returns is now available on Blu-Ray™ and Digital! Have a peek below!

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  1. The answer lies beyond tomorrow’s dawn.

    I am entering this as Mary Poppins was the first film I saw in a theatre when I was two and it was the first film I took our daughter to when she was three. For years I thought that Mary and Bert were my true parents.

    A wonderful full circle moment.

  2. It would be called “No More Electronics”, if it was set in modern day. It would be about putting down your electronics to talk face-to-face and have a Spoonful of Sugar or meet chimney sweeps.

  3. When my daughter thinks of Mary Poppins she thinks of Mary flying down with her umbrella amd the magic that ensues… so her song title is ” An Umbrella Seen Brings Magic to all”

  4. If I were to write a new song for Mary Poppins, it would be called, “Pie in the sky” when there’s a new movie based on the 1975 Mary Poppins book, “Mary Poppins in the Kitchen” when the cook is on leave.

  5. 🙂 I think the best song name for Mary Poppins would be called “fly me away but I come to stay” because she visits the kids and babaysit and then flys away after

  6. Our song would be “How do you spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?” (we had to look it up!)

  7. I love the movie and the name of a song I would use would be called “Use Your Imagination”!

  8. I would name a song based on the Mary Poppins Returns quote:. “Everything is possible, even the impossible.”

  9. The song we would sing and write for Mary Poppins would be called, “Sweet dreams my child” ❤❤❤

    Thank you,

    Anne Shirley Hambleton-Truong

  10. YAY! My #Birthday is 3/30 and boy, would I LOVE 2 #Win a Mary Poppins Blu Ray & Digital!!?? I’d create a song called “Happiness Everyday”! 😛 😀

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