CONTEST: ‘Spring’ing into game night!

We've got an amazing game pack to help ward off rainy day boredom for good!
Word Heist is just one of three awesome games that we're giving away in this contest! (Courtesy of Gamewright)

Spring is just around the corner.

It's a magical time of renewal and green things sprouting and warmth and ... often a lot of rain!

Hey, that's cool. Nature needs it! But it does make playing outside a bit of challenge. Fortunately, we've got board games! And whether it's Family Game Night or a long weekend game marathon, it's always fun to play on a rainy day.

The fantasy hit Dragon Realm is one of the three games that you can win. (Gamewright)

That's why we're super excited to present our latest contest. It's a triple pack of three terrific board games: In a Pickle Deluxe, Dragon Realm, and Word Heist! The thing we love about this pack is that there is something for everyone. Word puzzle fans, fantasy enthusiasts, people who love lots of creative zaniness ... it's all there!

Sounds like something you'd like to win, right?

This contest is now closed

Contest time!

Are you ready to find yourself in a pickle? Then enter below! (Gamewright)

Though we can't deliver this prize pack in time for March Break, we're know that games are on a lot of your minds. For a chance to WIN this single prize pack and boost your own game collection, simply comment below with your first name and answer the following question:

How will you be spending March Break?

Good luck!

Contest is open to residents of Canada only. Prize courtesy of Gamewright. Contest closes on March 14 at 11:59PM EST. Winner will be randomly chosen. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen here.

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    1. This spring break. I’m spending time going to the ROM, playing games with my family, I have to help my mom with laundry:(, and playing games with my cousins !!! I’m ready for spring break !!

  1. If the weather permits, I want to spend a lot of my March break biking. If the weather doesn’t permit for that, I will most likely draw or go to the library. 🙂

  2. Getting ready for a celebration of reading with all our children and volunteers who participate in our one-on-one reading help program.

  3. Going to my great grandma’s with my grandma. I have lots of cousins there to hang out with, play games with, hike with and perhaps I’ll get to help deliver the baby goats again.

  4. We will spending our March Break playing outside and enjoying all that the last of winter has to offer…and playing board games. 😉

  5. Quality time with the family, (playing games would be good), and noting the seasonal changes in the plants and creatures around us a close second!

  6. Hi, I will be spending March break in Disney World this year I am very excited and hope to win this prize package
    Lucy Legate

  7. I will meet lots of my friends and will have a late birthday party. Also, I will visit some museums and Granville Island with my family.

  8. I am a teacher candidate and I will be spending March break planning exciting learning activities for my Grade 4 class. (:

  9. We do not have March break in Saskatchewan . We have February break and Easter break. Primarily, we play hockey in mid March -it’s playoff season! 😀

  10. Celebrating my birthday! It was on Monday. Also reading, skiing, playing with friends and going winter camping.

  11. We will spend our March Break playing video games and board games, playing outside, playing with friends and reading.

  12. I will be skiing a lot at Sunpeaks. We have rented a place there and I am really excited. I also have a big boardgame collection so I will hopefully play a lot of boardgames.

  13. Our family will be spending time beachcombing, bike riding and I’m sure watching movies and playing video games 😀

  14. I would like to go on a Deadly Nadder dragon ride. We would loop and swirl all over the sky and munch our way through the clouds. Then we would land and I would feed her blueberries for doing a good job. I would also like to visit Toothless the NightFury and his rider, Hiccup. I would scratch Toothless on the neck, which he really likes. I would give him some nice Atlantic Cod for dinner. Then he would pick me up with his tail and put me under his wing and cuddle me like I do with my stuffy friends at bedtime.

  15. Exploring parks and walking trails if it’s not too muddy! And kicking back with book hauls from the library!

  16. My name is Lauren, and I’ll be spending March break with the family – swimming, skating, and lots of board games! Thanks for the chance to win ??♥️

  17. Staycation around home. Playing in the snow since apparently it isn’t spring here after all! Lots of board games with my family, some video games and couple new movies.

  18. I’m hoping the weather is nice and I can spend some time outside, but I know I’m going to a play of Snow White and to a movie too. Plus it’s my mom’s birthday, so we will go to Red Robin’s for lunch or dinner.

  19. On March Break, I am going to Toronto to Ripleys Aquarium and also having a sleepover at my grandparents house.

  20. March Break is already over in QC. We had a special science week at home with all the classics – baking soda volcano, lemon clock, purple cabbage acid & base testing and slime.

  21. Looking at the moon through a giant telescope at the wildlife park, biking on trails, and hanging out with my friends!

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