Coronavirus: The Musical! Coming soon? Sounds great!

Ten-year-old Kennedy beats back the quarantine blues by writing her own musical
coronavirus the musical Kennedy and her family — brother Karsten and mother Petergail Williams — are turning this time of quarantine into something worth singing about! (YouTube/Petergail Williams)

Being cooped up inside doesn't mean that you can't find your voice and let it all out.

We already profiled young Jolene, a nine-year-old who turned her isolation blues into a catchy ode to her "Best Friends". Now we'd like to you meet ten-year-old Kennedy, a Toronto girl who loves musicals. And who is writing her own...

Coronavirus: The Musical!

"I like being creative!"

According to an interview on CBC Radio's The Current, Kennedy's musical is about someone contracting COVID-19.

"One morning I woke up and the news was on, and I was like, oh, okay..." she says describing how a light bulb went off in her head. It was the perfect subject for a musical.

In the clip that we shared above, she sings, “I’m sorry that I have to go, but I know that you have it, though, oh, corona!” Below, she and her mother, Petergail Williams, sing about the feelings of self-isolation.

We love it!

Kennedy is already four songs into Coronavirus: The Musical and with all of this time on her hands, who knows? Maybe we're seeing the next Broadway sensation unfolding right before our eyes?

"I just really like to sing," she says of her love of musicals, "and I like all the interactions with the dancing and the singing and the props and the costumes and stuff like that."

Staying creative and productive is one of the best ways to stave off the self-isolation blues. Kids like Kennedy are way ahead of the game. Keep it up!

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