Watch rock legend Dave Grohl invite 11-year-old Nandi Bushell to jam onstage!

The viral drumming phenom joined the Foo Fighters in concert for their last song of the night
foo fighters nandi bushell How would you feel playing on this stage in front of thousands? If you're Nandi Bushell, you'd feel right at home! (ID 123206737 © Anky10 |

Nandi Bushell has captivated people around the world with her insane drumming skills.

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Nandi plays several instruments, but she is best known for her drumming. (Getty Embed)

In 2019, the then-9-year-old drummer from England became a YouTube sensation for her performance of the song "In Bloom", a song by Nirvana.

But she really went viral last summer, when a video of her playing an impressive cover of the Foo Fighters’ hit song "Everlong" took off. The common bond between those two songs is that they both feature the same drummer—Dave Grohl. And before tearing it up on her drum kit in the Everlong clip, Nandi challenged Grohl to a “drum-off”.

And… he accepted the challenge!

Drumroll please…

Grohl took to social media and posted a video in response, calling her “an incredible drummer” and saying that he was “really flattered that she picked some of my songs to do for her videos”. He captioned his response video with “Your move!!!” and thus, an internet drumming rivalry was born.

Here is a clip of Nandi and Dave battling each other on another one of his songs. Check out their fun battle faces!

After going back and forth for about a year with drum covers, Grohl finally came face-to-face with Nandi (his so-called arch-nemesis) last week when he invited her up on stage during the band’s sold-out concert in Los Angeles. Not only did she wave to the adoring crowd of thousands, but she got on the drum kit and performed an explosive rendition of "Everlong" to close out the show.

Check out the awesome performance below (Nandi says that her “Daddy was screaming a lot in the video”. It’s ok; we would be screaming too! The song begins at 2:50.)

Nandi shared a clip of the concert on social media saying, “It happened!!! It was #EPIC!!! Thank you so much @foofighters!!! I had the best night ever jamming with you at @TheForum! Thank you so much Mr. Grohl and Taylor! #foofighters”

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Take a bow, Nandi! (Getty Embed)

As the performance finished, Grohl led her to centre of the stage to soak up cheers and applause. What a rockstar!

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