All-new Nintendo boxing game is wondrously wacky and fantastically fun
ARMS spring man ribbon girl Spring Man and Ribbon Girl face off in ARMS. (Courtesy of Nintendo)

It's hard not to like the all-out wackiness of ARMS's premise: punch your way through a boxing match with your long, weird, noodle-like arms. Throw out a punch and watch your boxing glove (or boxing blob of goo, or boxing boomerang, or boxing rocket launcher...) land an impossible, hilarious hit.

Everything about this game is cheerful and fun—from the character designs to the bright blasts of colour when you finally land that knock-out punch.

The stars of the game

ARMS minmin
Meet our favourite fighter, Min Min. Also known as the Ramen Bomber, because her arms are literally made of ramen noodles. Slurp! (Courtesy of Nintendo)

There are 10 playable characters in ARMS right now, with more to come with free updates. Each character has its own unique and colourful design, plus a few tactical advantages to set them apart. Put them in a ring together in multiplayer mode and total chaos ensues.

Ninjara can teleport, Ribbon Girl can pull off quadruple-jumps in midair, and Master Mummy can heal while he blocks. Every single character comes with unique "arms" that you can mix and match at any time to switch up your strategy or try out new combos.

Yeah! Get 'em, Min Min! (Courtesy of Nintendo)

A new property from one of the biggest names in gaming

Nintendo has had a lot of hit game franchises, from Super Mario to Kirby to The Legend of Zelda. And while it's always nice to see new entries in our favourite series (remember how thrilled we were about the new Zelda game?), it's also exciting to see Nintendo taking a chance on something brand new. Will ARMS become Nintendo's next big thing?

Oh, and we can't forget that awesome theme song. Daaaa-da DA-da... daaaa-DA da-dah... daaaa-da-da-DOOOOO!

ARMS goes on sale today. Check out the trailer below.

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  1. I want to be able to do flips in mid-air. I want to box with red arms. I want to fight with the strong arms. i like the suit. I want to punch. I want to have noodle arms.

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