GAME REVIEW: Snipperclips

OWLconnected reader Evan reviews a new Nintendo game and had a lot of fun doing it
Evan-SnipperClips See that smile on Evan's face? It's from playing this game with his siblings for hours!

Are you looking for a cute little co-operative game with a healthy dose of wackiness? Snipperclips, a new game for the Nintendo Switch, might be for you! You and a friend each control a colourful sheet of paper with legs and a face, and you solve each level by carefully snipping each other into different shapes.

OWLconnected reader Evan got to try it out with his siblings, and they could not stop laughing. (Seriously, they were at it for hours. We were starting to get worried.) Check out his official review below.

Hear it from Evan

This is my review on the Nintendo Switch game, Snipperclips. It was obvious what genre this game was aiming for: puzzle. To be honest, I’m not that big of a fan of puzzle games, but this game made an exception.

There were different modes to play, each offering a new challenge. You could play cooperative or competitive. It was fun rotating and snipping to create hooks, cups, and points to solve the puzzles. Sometimes, we didn't bother with the puzzles and just played something we called snip fighting, where you had to run at the other player and attempt to snip their entire body off. I think other people would like this game, even if they didn’t like puzzles. That’s my review on Snipperclips.

I would rate it… drumroll please…

★★★★ (out of five)


Available now on the Nintendo eShop

Nintendo Switch owners can download this game today from the eShop. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below.

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