INTERVIEW: Disney Channel’s Fam Jam host Trevor Tordjman

We talk with the dancer and actor about his awesome new show
fam jam Trevor Tordjman (left) and Ariel Martin (right) are hosts of the Disney Fam Jam, where families compete for a $10,000 prize! (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless)

Trevor Tordjman is a dancer and actor who's been starring in hit Disney Channel shows for a while. His latest gig? Hosting an exciting new dance show on the Disney Channel called Disney Fam Jam!

Dance it out!

Trevor Tordjman hangs with his co-hosts, Ariel Martin and Phil Wright. (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless)

Disney Fam Jam is a show where families of all ages and sizes compete in a dance battle for a chance to become Fam Jam champions. But this title isn't the only prize! The winners receive $10,000 and, most importantly, the Fam Jam Trophy. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Keeping the dream alive

fam jam trevor tordjman

Trevor chats with us about dance, directing, and more! (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless)

We recently sat down with Trevor to discuss what it’s been like for him to dance from a young age, what audiences can expect from Disney Fam Jam, and more!

OWLconnected: You’ve been dancing since you were very young. Was the performing arts something you always wanted to pursue?

Trevor: Totally! My mom taught me how to dance when I was a kid, so I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do. When I eventually told them of my dream, they were 100% supportive!

OC: There hasn’t been a show like Disney Fam Jam on Disney before. What can audiences expect?

TT: I think audiences can expect to have a lot of fun. We have families of all ages competing—we even have grandparents dancing in one episode!

OC: How is working on Fam Jam different than previous shows you've been involved with?

TT: I think it’s been different because I get to meet new people, dance, and host. I get to host with people who I’ve worked with before, too, like Ariel Martin, so it’s a lot of fun.

OC: You also directed an episode of The Next Step. Is directing something you'd like to do more of?

TT: Yeah, totally! I loved being on The Next Step, and to be able to direct was a really great experience. Whenever I get to do anything creative, I’m always really happy. I think getting to direct really challenged me as an artist.

OC: How have you been keeping busy during quarantine?

TT: I’ve been dancing and trying to keep myself busy with creative outlets. I’ve also been learning how to write stand-up comedy—it’s difficult, but really fun and challenging!

Check out Disney Fam Jam on Sundays starting June 28 at 7:00 p.m e/p on the Disney Channel. If you happen to tune in, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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