Issue 117 is sporty to the max!

From baseball to the Mighty Ducks, the latest eMag issue is going to get you moving!

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In our last issue, No.116, we embraced all sorts of things spring—from the equinox to April Fools! And now, in Issue 117 (out today!), we're continuing our spring theme from a different place.

The playing field!

Spring is a super busy time in the world of sports and we're excited to jump, run, and swing ourselves into it. Are you ready for some athletic excitement? Let's do it!

Baseballs and hockey pucks

Though they're known as 'the boys of summer', Major League Baseball gets its start in the spring. This year's season is looking to try and bring the world back to a more normal place after a very trying year for all of us. How? We get into it in depth in the Issue 117!

Switching sports, hockey is also really happening right now, with the NHL season nearing its trade deadline and playoffs. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks are one team that is probably not reaching those playoffs. But the Disney franchise that gave them their name? It's going stronger than ever! With The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers series coming to Disney+, we interviewed the show's star Kiefer O'Reilly. Is he a good hockey player in real life? Does he prefer voice acting or performing in shows? Read the interview to find out!

And just in case you find all of this sports talk a bit exhausting, our quiz in this issue is on the science of sleep! Can you follow our clues to master the news about the snooze?  See for yourself by taking the quiz—don't sleep on it!

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  1. Ok so I didn’t get the January or February issue but i got the march one in February and the April one in march which is kinda weird. 😐 But you guys don’t need to give it I just was wondering why I didn’t get it.

    1. Was the March issue the beginning of your new subscription? That might be why? As for when the issues arrive, it is normal to get the issue a month early—part of the perks of being a subscriber! If you have any question about your subscription and whether an issue is missing, please contact us through our website: Thanks!

  2. I love Owl Kids Magazine! It’s packed to the brim with SO many fun articles, activities, and stories from real readers! I recommend Owl Kids to any kid who loves exploring! This has easily become my favourite magazine! Thanks Owl Kids!! 🙂

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