Issue 166 is the ride of your summer!

It's time to show the roller coaster some big love

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Issue 166—that's out today, thanks very much!—is a fun one. Why? Because it is all about one of summer's greatest joys.

The roller coaster!

Okay, we know. Some folks aren't exactly fully on board with coasters. We understand. They're fast, super high, and can turn you all topsy-turvy. But even if you're not a fan of riding them, we bet that you'll be able to appreciate what goes into making them as thrilling as they are.

And since June is Roller Coaster Appreciation Month, what better time for this is there than right now?

Thrills guaranteed!

Our coaster feature looks at most loops, incredible speeds, gut-flipping drops, and so many other record-holders. We also talk about wood versus steel coasters, the incredible feats of science and engineering behind designing them, and even some of the cool jobs you can have at an amusement park. (Would you like to be a roller coaster tester? Because that's a real job!)

Even this issue's quiz is getting in on the theme. It is all about thrills, taking you from mountaineering and diving to theme parks and more. Whoa! We've got to catch our breath over here!

And even if you're idea of a thrill is a really good book, we're here for you. This issue is celebrating World Environment Day (June 5) with a selection of some of the best books out there on the topic. We're really proud of our picks so login to the eMag and check them out!

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