No joke, the JUNOs are coming Sunday!

Canada's biggest music stars arrive in Ottawa for annual awards bash
Shawn Mendes JUNOS Shawn Mendes is just one of many stars at this Sunday's JUNO Awards in Ottawa. (© Kobby Dagan |

Today is Saturday, April 1st. April Fool's Day! Oh no, right? This means an entire day of staying on guard against any number of pranks and jokes. Whoopee cushions! Salt shakers with the caps almost off! Oreo cookie cream replaced with toothpaste! Gross! Who can you trust?

You can trust us!

Because, no fooling, we double, triple promise that tomorrow, Sunday, April 2, is the JUNO Awards! And just what can you expect at these awards? Well, even though we could use April Fool's Day to tell you that the JUNOs are a time when cattle get dressed up and are trained to act out Shakespeare plays, we would never do such a thing. Why?

Because, dear reader, we've got your back!

Music's big, big night

Alessia Cara is set to perform this year. (Getty Embed)

The JUNOs have been Canada's annual awards night since 1970. Every year it is full of killer live performances, and this year in Ottawa will be no exception. Some of the stars ready to hit the stage include Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, The Arkells, Ruth B, and Indigenous hip hop trio A Tribe Called Red.

Feist will honour Leonard Cohen. (Getty Embed)

There will also be a tribute by Feist to Leonard Cohen, the legendary Canadian songwriter and poet who died last November. (We talked a little about this already here.) Cohen's songs have been covered a mindblowing 2,000 times by other artists. His most famous song is "Hallelujah", which is a favourite of contestants on reality singing shows like The Voice and X Factor, and also was used in Shrek.

You get to choose!

Would Drake get your fan choice vote? (Getty Embed)

The largest reason for the evening, though, are the awards. Trophies will be given out for the year's best artists, group, album, song, and so much more. And maybe the most fun award of all is the Fan Choice Award. Since February 3, fans have been able to vote for one of ten artists, including Cara, Mendes, The Weeknd, Drake, and Justin Bieber! In fact, you could even go and vote right now if you wanted!

As for who will win, we've actually been able to use our incredible team of top OWLconnected insiders to give you this SCOOP!

Song Of The Year goes to...

... and... April Fool's!

If you want to find out who wins for real, the JUNOs start at 6:30pm EST, Sunday.

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