Justin Bieber is in the Tim Hortons kitchen

And he's made donuts called Timbiebs!
justin bieber tim hortons Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has long been outspoken about his love of Tim Hortons. Now he's making donuts with them! (Tim Hortons)

Have you heard the news? Justin Bieber is making donuts at Tim Hortons!

Okay, we don't actually know for certain if the mega-pop star ever set foot inside the donut chain's test bakery, but it's a fun image, right? Bieber with a tall chef's hat, tossing ingredients into a bowl, mixing away, trying to imagine a new mindblowing donut flavour like a Canadian Willy Wonka.

But we do know that he was involved in choosing the final three flavours that will be rolled out as a new line of signature Timbits, called Timbiebs! Is that name so silly it's perfect, or is it just silly? Either way, we definitely love donuts. Especially Timbits, those magnificent mini-munchables.

What a fun collaboration!

And then there were three

The final three flavours of Timbiebs: sour cream chocolate chip, chocolate white fudge, and birthday cake waffle. (Tim Hortons)

Starting with around 100 different possible flavours, Tim Hortons head chef Tallis Voakes sent ideas to Bieber to test. Eventually, the list was shrunk down until only three remained: chocolate white fudge, birthday cake waffle, and sour cream chocolate chip.

The donuts themselves aren't available for another two weeks—on November 29—but that gives us some time to look at the three flavours and offer up some preview thoughts. Is reviewing donuts that we haven't even tried yet a bit silly? Yes. But may we remind you that the donuts are called Timbiebs. Silly is the name of the game, so let's have some fun!

Chocolate white fudge

You can't go wrong with chocolate, but we're very curious about how the white fudge will be rolled out in this one. The image shows a donut sprinkled with white mini-chunks. Will that be the only vanilla fudge appearance? Or will there be a gooey, molten interior to tantalize once bitten into? Hmm, we can't decide whether or not a fudge filling will be fudge-mentally overkill or the perfect amount of fudge.

We're probably going to have to eat one (or several) to know for sure!

Birthday cake waffle

You know, for a birthday cake donut, we have to admit that we anticipated this one to be more colourful. Lots of multi-coloured sprinkles and the like. Buuuuuuut...

Is that just because the waffle half is taking over? Will this donut be maple syrupy? And will it have the crispy exterior of a waffle? And once again, is the birthday cake part actually an interior surprise of butter cream icing/sprinkly goodness? Again, so many questions for such a tiny donut!

Sour cream chocolate chip

Of the three, this is the easiest one to figure out. But it will also probably be a favourite. Why?

To many, the sour cream glazed donut is already the unsung MVP of the Tim's lineup. Sweet but tangy, pillowy but crunchy, light but gooey, it combines lots of our favourite things into one package. It is not flashy, just classic and perfect.

Bieber has basically taken this dollop of bliss and added that other classic ingredient, chocolate chips.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. This one could be a winner!

Watch Justin brainstorm ideas in the Tim Hortons offices in the video below. Do you have an early favourite? Or an idea for a cool Timbit that they missed creating? Let us know!

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