LEGO Lunar Lander puts you on the Moon!

Not really, but this Apollo 11 set is still super cool!
lego lunar lander "That's one small set for LEGO, one big set for humankind..." (LEGO)

This July 20th will see the 50th anniversary of a very special human achievement.

The Apollo 11 mission that saw American astronauts landing upon the Moon.

To say that this mission changed the course of history would be to put things lightly. It proved that human technology and will could send our species to another place in our solar system. It capped a tense twelve-year "space race" between the United States and the Soviet Union (a former union of countries led by Russia). And above all, it seemed to lead to a new era of cooperation between the two superpowers. Within three years of Apollo's success, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project was announced — the first time the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. had combined their abilities on a space mission.

There will be a lot of ceremonies marking Apollo 11 this July. So is it any surprise that a certain toy company is interested in joining the party? You guessed it: it's the LEGO Lunar Lander!

Every detail is there

lego lunar lander

And when the mission is over, you can safely return to Earth! (LEGO)

LEGO has certainly built more than it's share of spacecraft before. But in this case, the LEGO Lunar Lander is based not only on a real craft, but a real historical event. Thankfully, NASA was all-in on helping them get every detail correct.

So not only does the set have two modules (the descent module that has stayed on the Moon to this day, and the ascent module that returned Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin back to the Apollo orbiter), it is also full of neat nods to the past. There's the plaque on the module that commemorates their achievement. There's the flag they planted on the surface. They even have their footprints on dusty surface (if a bit more square than we remember).

Learn more about this super cool set in the video below!

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