MOVIE REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

Disney takes a nearly forgotten piece of Star Wars lore—Life Day—and updates it for this holiday season
lego star wars holida special Rey can't enjoy Life Day quite yet. She has a time-travelling journey in her future! (Disney/Lucasfilm)

Today, is the Disney+ premiere of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special—a brand new, super zany, uber fun 45-minute journey into everyone's favourite galaxy far, far away! One that reimagines a curious bit of classic Star Wars history ...

With the First Order vanquished, Rey is now trying to train Finn to harness his force abilities to become a Jedi. But it's not going well. Rey is frustrated that her teachings aren't helping and wants to go deeper into Jedi knowledge to find the answers. The only problem? It's Life Day and she's supposed to stick around for the big party.

Wait. Life Day? What's that, you ask? Get ready for a lesson in Star Wars history!

Life Day remix!

Back in 1978, the world had Star Wars fever. The first film—now known as Episode IV: A New Hope—came out the previous year and was still a galaxy-conquering smash hit. To keep the fun rolling, creator George Lucas made a Star Wars holiday special for TV. The plot was about trying to get Chewbacca back to his home world of Kashyyyk in time for a celebration known as Life Day.

Spoiler alert—that special was not very good. But over the years, it has become a fun bit of Star Wars history that true fans remember and obsess over. Which makes it perfect material for a LEGO movie! Especially one called the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special!

LEGO at its silly best

"How did we all get here??" Star Wars characters from every film come together for an epic—and epically silly—battle in this new holiday special. (Disney/Lucasfilm)

From the awesome LEGO Movies to LEGO Batman to the LEGO video games, the name of the game is something called parody. This is when you take something that people often take seriously and poke fun at it.

And this new special doesn't disappoint. Especially since on her quest for Jedi knowledge, Rey finds a crystal key that allows her to travel through time. From Qui-Gon Jinn to Darth Vader to young Anakin to young Luke to Emperor Palpatine to three different ages of Obi-Wan Kenobi, she creates a hilarious tangle of Star Wars timelines! Can she clean this mess up before Life Day is over?

The best part of this movie—aside from Poe Dameron's amazing holiday sweater—is that it celebrates that once-embarrassing 1978 Star Wars special. Which is what we all should all learn to do with our past mistakes.

This special is playful, joyful, and lots of fun—watch the trailer below!

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special starts streaming on Disney+ November 17, 2020.

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