MOVIE REVIEW: Once Upon A Snowman

Brand new Disney short shows us the first few moments of Olaf's life before he met Anna
Once Upon A Snowman Olaf can see Anna in the distance in the new Disney short Once Upon A Snowman. (Disney)

The Frozen films are some of the most beloved movies of all time. And some of us? We have watched them a lot.

As in a lot, a lot!

But even the biggest Frozen fan has some unanswered questions. For example...

What happened to Olaf between the moment Elsa brought him to life and when he ran into Anna?

The answer? Quite a lot! And how do we know? We watched Once Upon A Snowman, the new animated short on Disney+!

Silly and sweet

Once Upon a Snowman

Anna gave Olaf his first nose, right? Or did she ... (Disney)

Once Upon A Snowman opens with Elsa blasting out the final chorus of "Let It Go" ... and blasting a bolt of super charged energy into a lone snowman. The snowman unexpectedly comes to life, and the fun begins.

Though this new short is just a brief look into Olaf's world, it's very charming and sweet. And of course, silly! He goes into the same shop that Anna and Kristoff visit in search of a "sense of self". What does he find there?

We'd rather not spoil that for you. But if you'd like to know, you can watch the film now on Disney+!

To further entice you, check out the trailer below.

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  1. TG likes the beginning part where Olaf fell down hill. TL likes the middle where Olaf is chased by wolves. YS likes the end where Olaf sees Anna and Kristoff.

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