Follow along on this epic journey of wonder and discovery
Migo and his new best friend Percy (© 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment INC.)

What if humans weren't real? Don't worry, you're reading this so we definitely are ... but try telling that to a yeti!

It's a smallfoot! Run for your life!

Migo trying to explain what he saw to the Stonekeeper/leader of the village (© 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment INC.)

Imagine living your whole life believing something isn't real and then ... BAM! You see it standing right in front of you. That's what happens to our friendly yeti, Migo.

While having a pretty normal day, Migo finds himself face to face with a human (aka smallfoot.) Still in shock from what he's just seen, he quickly runs home and tells every yeti in the village. The problem is, no one believes him. And why would they? Smallfoots aren't real ... right? As punishment for his claims, the Stonekeeper banishes Migo from the village and tells him that he can only come back after he admits he didn't see a smallfoot.

Migo knows what he saw and to prove he's telling the truth, he sets out on an amazing journey to find the mythical creature and be accepted back into his village.

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Looking for lots of laughs, great music and valuable messages? You've come to the right place! (© 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment INC.)

This movie is full of truly hilarious jokes. If you find yourself laughing out loud, we won't blame you! The songs are super-catchy, so don't be surprised if you start dancing in your seat. The messages are positive, clear, and well delivered. You can expect to have an all round fun time.

Haven't seen the trailer? Check it out below!

SMALLFOOT stomps into theatres today.

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