MOVIE REVIEW: Spies in Disguise

Pigeons, spies, doomsday device? This flick has it all and more
Spies in Disguise Meet Walter Beckett and Lance Sterling; two of the coolest spies you'll ever know. (© 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

We love a good old fashioned spy movie and thankfully, these spies did not disappoint.

Cue awesome spy music

Spies in Disguise
The best backup team a spy could ever ask for. (© 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Walter Beckett is an awkward, nerdy teenager who works as a scientist at a government agency. His biggest dream is for the agency to give his revolutionary ideas a chance. Instead, a slight mishap gets him fired and thrown out of the agency. Lance Sterling is a smooth, highly skilled agent who gets the job done every time. He's so great at what he does that he every time he walks into the agency, he's greeted with loud cheers and applause. He's also the one who fires Walter which makes what comes next... very interesting.

After Lance is framed for stealing a super-powerful weapon, he decides he needs to disappear until he can figure out who's responsible for framing him. Guess who he turns to for help? That's right, Walter. When Walter accidentally turns Lance into a pigeon (Yup! You read that right!) the two ex-agents must work together to find the real criminal and put a stop to whatever his evil plan is.

There's always a better way

Spies in Disguise
You can't tell by the look on Lance's face but Walter's invention is genius! (© 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

As expected, this is an action-packed movie with awesome chase scenes, massive explosions, super cool gadgets, and pretty funny one-liners. That being said, the best thing about this flick is the message it is sending. Through Walter's big heart, we learn the true meaning of friendship. Watching Walter have Lance's back through every set back in their mission is both heartwarming and inspiring. He also teaches us that violence isn't the answer. He shows us that acting with love and compassion is really what will make a difference in the world.

We always enjoy an entertaining movie that has something for us to take home and think about, and Spies in Disguise delivers that.

Still, want to know more? Take a peek at the trailer below.

Spies in Disguise will be sneaking into theatres today.

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