Nandi Bushell says “The Children Will Rise Up!”

The 11-year-old British drumming sensation joins forces with Greta Thunberg, Jack Black, and 10-year-old Roman Morello, the son of a famous rock musician, with a song about climate change
nandi bushell Nandi Bushell is calling on the power of kids to face climate change. (Screenshot YouTube/Nandi Bushell)

The UN Climate Change Conference, or COP26, wraps up in Glasgow, Scotland today. Bringing leaders, activists, and scientists from around the world, it is addressing a hugely important issue. It is encouraging to see so many people coming together to talk about the climate, but there is also some frustration out there.

Particularly among young people.

The reasons are pretty simple. Though young people can't yet vote, they are the ones who will face most of the consequences of a warming planet. And don't take it from us. When former US President Barack Obama spoke at the conference, he made a point of congratulating young people for their activism and encouraged them to "stay angry". Then he met with several young activists to discuss the future.

"Courage, creativity, and persistence," he says in the tweet. It's pretty cool thinking about how those qualities in young people inspired Obama. And it made us think of one of the more courageous, creative, and persistent (and coolest) kids we know: British tween drumming sensation Nandi Bushell!

Nandi on the rise!

This video is a collaboration with the climate activism nonprofit Fridays For Future Brazil and England. (Screenshot YouTube/Nandi Bushell)

This energetic phenom has gone from playing flawlessly with her heroes on stage in front of 17,000 people (no pressure!) to writing a brand new song about kids using their voices to ask leaders to do more. It's called "The Children Will Rise Up" and Nandi drums and sings the song, as well as playing most of the other instruments. But she isn't working alone—the song's video is loaded with amazing cameos.

These include an introduction from Kung Fu Panda and School Of Rock star Jack Black, as well as a closing appearance by activist Greta Thunberg. It also features the talents of another stunning young musician: 10-year-old guitarist Roman Morello, who is the son of Tom Morello, a member of 90s rock band Rage Against The Machine. (Tom also appears in the video, too, mouthing the words "That's my son!" as Roman rips through a mind-melting solo.)

Can a rock song change the world? No, definitely not on its own. But Nandi knows this. She just wants to use her platform as best as she can.

“While I’m not old enough to vote, I can bring awareness to this problem,” she says at the end of the video. “I hope this song empowers young people to find their voice and inner superpower to speak out, and if we can all come together in unity and love, we can tackle humanity’s biggest challenge before it is too late."

Like Obama asked, Nandi is staying angry, but with a lot of love and hope, too! Watch her and Roman rock out below!

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