New LEGO Millennium Falcon is NOT a piece of junk

The special "Kessel Run" edition is, ahem, pretty cool
millennium falcon So clean and new! It's the LEGO Kessel Run Millennium Falcon. (LEGO)

When it comes to Star Wars, there are very few vehicles that are as awesome as the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo's famous freighter always seems to make it out of trouble in the nick of time, while its side-mounted cockpit and pancake hull make it a ship that looks like no other.

Of course, to others, it's just, well...

Except, the thing is, the Millennium Falcon wasn't always a piece of junk. Before Han Solo won it of off original owner Lando Calrissian "fair and square", the Falcon was a shiny and clean, state-of-the-art machine. Parts of the trailers for the upcoming movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, show this.

And now for added proof of this, we have a new LEGO toy: the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon.

How it used to be

millennium falcon

From the rear of the ship, you can see its iconic blue engine glow. (LEGO)

The toy was just revealed over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair and if you needed any other reason to be excited about the upcoming Han Solo movie, this is it.

There are a lot of neat differences between this and the Falcon that we're used to — and it's not just about one being white as opposed to the grimy beige/grey you see below.

Embed from Getty Images

The older, dustier, grimier Millennium Falcon. (Getty Embed)

The biggest difference? There's no gap in between the front "horns" of the ship that we're used to. Instead, it comes to an elongated point. What's the deal here? On the toy, there's a pod that actually detaches. Does this mean that an escape pod gets launched from the Falcon, never to return? We're sure that we'll find out on May 25 when the film is released!

Until then, this particular slice of LEGO Star Wars awesomeness will be out in April.

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