Nike’s new inclusive kid’s line promises easy on and easy off

No more fumbling with pesky laces and straps!
Nike's newest shoe and clothing line is making getting dressed easier for all kids. (Nike)

You're late for school. You grab your backpack, stuff your lunch bag inside, grab a mask, coat ... aaand now you need to bend down to tie your shoes. Did that extra few minutes earn you a late slip? Tired of fumbling around with laces when you could be stopping to smell the flowers (or the snow, depending on where you live)? Nike's new laceless and strapless shoes have your back!


A shoo-in of a shoe

Called Dynamo Go, Nike's newest kid's line offers more than just being a time saver. It's actually about being inclusive (and fashionable, just look at them!).


The shoes were created using input from people with disabilities to ensure they were as user-friendly as possible. One of the best features is that the shoes slip on and off very easily. But then there's those cool wavy lines—they're actually meant to keep the shoe in place once they're on your feet (no laces or straps, remember?).

More than just kicks!

Not only did Nike create the cool new footwear, they also came out with a collection of inclusive clothing called Play Pack! Along the same lines as the shoes, the jackets, tops, pants, and hoodies are meant to be easy to put on and take off.


Is this new line setting the tone for clothing of the future? We sure hope so. For now, it's a step in the right direction.

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