Calling YOU! OWL Magazine is looking for reader submissions

Send us your photos and artwork for our upcoming Summer 2019 issue!
Rain by Alexia, 12, found its way into last summer's OWL Magazine. Will your art be next? (Reader submitted)

The Summer issue of OWL is always one of the most special that we publish.

It's unique size makes it pack-able for summer vacations or park hangouts. Plus, it's also the longest issue of the year! This lets us showcase more stories, comics, puzzles, and trivia than ever.

And this summer, we want to showcase some of you, too!

Yes, YOU!

OWL Magazine is looking for submissions to possibly include in this year's summer issue. We're looking for ...

  • Drawings, doodles, sketches
  • Photos from last summer (Give us you best summer memories!)

Submitting couldn't be easier. Simply attach your submission to an email and write us at, subject line: Summer 2019 submissions.

We can't wait to see your photos and art! Check some past reader submissions below.

The Buzz, Jessica, 9. (Submitted by reader)

Finn, 10. (Submitted by reader)

Norah, 8. (Submitted by reader)

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