Paper MarioTM: Color Splash Game Review and Contest!

10 year-old Max reviews Paper MarioTM: Color Splash, plus find out how to win an awesome Nintendo prize pack!
Max and Paper Mario: Color Splash game for the Wii U Paper Mario: Color Splash is available for the Wii U now. (Nintendo)

Calling all Nintendo fans! Paper MarioTM is back in a brand-new adventure. A mystery is afoot on Prism Island, and it's up to you to solve it by restoring the island's vanishing colours. Are you ready to hammer and paint your way through this hilarious new adventure? 10 year-old Max sure was! Read his review of Paper MarioTM: Color Splash. And then enter OWL's "Caption This" Contest for a chance to win a Paper MarioTM: Color Splash prize pack!

Max's Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Paper Mario is a game you play as a Nintendo character named Mario made out of paper. In this game, you are searching for mini paint stars at the same time you are trying to defeat evil Shy Guys, Goombas, and many other Mario villains who are trying to steal all the paint on Prism Island.

When I played the game, I found the graphics quite impressive. You could clearly see a lot of time was spent on them. They look somewhat like classic Mario but also actual paper that an artist drew on. I also liked the physics of the game and how you need to look very closely at the background to make it to the next stage. At some part of each level, you have to to go into a different dimension and cut the paper to get past the obstacle. The only problem was even though the graphics were impressive, they were also disorienting and sometimes I had trouble navigating.

Overall, I think it's a very entertaining game with a nice plot and very good graphics that all Nintendo fans would like to play! I rate it 8.5/10.

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Want to Win?

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