REVIEW: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

The prequel takes the Transformers universe back to earlier days on Earth and introduces characters on film for the first time
Not monkeying around: Optimus Primal is the quiet, firm leader of the Maximals. (Paramount Picture)

If you could transform yourself into anything, what would you choose?

A truck?

A jet plane?

A satellite?

Over the years, the robots in the Transformers films have changed into all of these objects and so many more. But in their newest movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the robots are introducing a whole new world of transformation.


Led by the gorilla-bot Optimus Primal, the newest film in the series brings a whole new group of robots to the big screen called the Maximals. There's the majestic eagle, Airazor, a bullish rhinoceros called Rhinox, and a sleek cheetah named Cheetor. It's a jungle out there!

Alongside the heroic Autobots, they set up a new team ready to battle for the future of Earth against a very, very large enemy.

The key to everything

Bumblebee and Cheetor go for a spin in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. (Paramount Pictures)

Rise of the Beasts begins long ago, on a far off planet in another dimension. (No, not Star Wars!) The dark god Unicorn is a planet-sized robot that, well, eats other planets.

And the home world of the Maximals is next on his list!

Just before the planet is destroyed, Unicorn sends down his henchmen, the Terrorcons, to grab something called the Trans-Warp Key. This crystal allows things to teleport from galaxy to galaxy almost instantly. And hungry Unicorn wants it to hop around the universe munching up worlds.

But Optimus Primal and the other Maximals escape with the key, taking it with them to a new planet. Earth!

It's 1994 ...

Maybe Noah tried to steal the wrong car ... (Paramount Pictures)

Fast forward to 1994, and an ex-soldier named Noah living in New York City is trying to get a job. But things are not working out.

In desperation, he turns to a friend to help make money by stealing an expensive car. The problem? The car he tries to steal is Mirage, an Autobot! He has been laying in secret as the rest of his team wait for the moment that leader Optimus Prime can help them get back to Cybertron, their home world. Oops!

Elena and Noah have got themselves involved in quite a mess. Run! (Paramount Pictures)

At the same time, Elena is a young student working at a museum. Even though she is not as experienced as others at the museum, she has an incredible knack for decoding signs and symbols from ancient civilizations. And one small statue that has just arrived at the museum has really caught her eye. Its symbols are unlike anything she has ever seen. What does they mean?

And wait ... is there something inside?

Big battles, big problems

Scourge and the Terrorcons are powerful foes. (Paramount Pictures)

What follows is a world-crossing adventure that is literally about the fate of the planet. The Terrorcons, led by the truly frightening Scourge, want to get the Trans-Warp Key back to be able to bring their master Unicron to Earth for his next meal.

The Autobots want to get the key for themselves, hoping to finally get back home to Cybertron after years in exile.

And the Maximals, who are drawn out after centuries in hiding by all of this commotion, want to work with humans to save Earth and keep the key hidden forever.

As you would expect, the battles between all of these groups are huge and complicated. And it takes a while for the Autobots, Maximals, and humans to all get on the exact same side. But once the stakes get their highest, they all band to together to face the mighty Unicorn.

But when your enemy is the kind of force that consumes an entire world, will it be enough?

Optimus Prime says it's time to roll out! (Paramount Pictures)

If you're a fan of the Transformers movies, you will love Rise of the Beasts! It is actually a prequel to many of the other films in the series, and sets up how Autobots learn to trust humans and call Earth their new home.

And even if this is your first Transformers movie, there's a lot for fans of sci-fi and adventure to enjoy. Watch the trailer for yourself below.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is in theatres now.

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