Slime time is all the time for Alyssa Jagan

The teen from Toronto has an Instagram account with nearly 700,000 followers and a book coming out this October
green slime alyssa j Alyssa Jagan is a slime-making master! (Instagram/@craftyslimecreator)

Are you all about the slime trend? For about a year now, tons of online recipes mixing school glue, dish soap, colours, lotions, and who-knows-what-else have resulted in handful after handful of delightfully disgusting homemade slime.

Perhaps you've made yourself a batch at home.

Maybe you're even holding some slime right now!

Well, meet Toronto's Alyssa Jagan. Known as "alyssa j" to her 672,000 Instagram followers (@craftyslimecreator), this 15 year-old posts three videos a day of her work. This dedication to her craft has made her Canada's young queen of slime. She even has a book, Ultimate Slime, coming out this October.

Started as a hobby

Alyssa's goop-making began as a simple hobby. But as she explained to Global News, the craft really hooked her quickly.

“It’s the crunches, the sounds [that it makes]…" she says. "It’s fun to poke, knead, pull and stretch, and do what you want to it.”

The teen began to move beyond basic recipes to make far more adventurous creations. They are colourful, textured, and sometimes, downright bizarre. But above all, her work is super crafty, adventurous, and makes for some great videos.

For example, slime...

...with styrofoam (crunchy!)

A post shared by alyssa j (@craftyslimecreator) on

...that's fluffy (pop!)

A post shared by alyssa j (@craftyslimecreator) on

...that glitters (shiny!)

A post shared by alyssa j (@craftyslimecreator) on

...that's jiggly (we could do this all day!)

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So much slime, so little time!

Yes, Alyssa is a real slime superstar. And watching her videos, it's easy to understand why. Playing with that stuff does look like a lot of fun! And if she messes up a batch, no biggie. She can always try again.

Of course, so can you! If you're interested in doing these recipes yourself, her book sounds like the best bet.

What do you think? Are you excited to get into some slime of your own this fall?

(Hey, as long as it's not this kind...)

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