Chatham, Ontario woman has super Scrabble power!

Betty Kuchta scored an amazing 365 points for the word 'QUIZZERS'
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One of the few good things about COVID happening in the era that it has? The internet has made it possible to still engage in all sorts of social activities, including playing games with others.

During the pandemic, games have gone from being fun to pretty much essential. One of the more popular online games is Scrabble. The classic crossword-creating board game translates really well to a tablet, computer, or phone. And if you're going to play a game over and over, why not play one that expands your vocabulary?

Along the way, you might just set a record!

On Friday, February 12, Betty Kuchta of Chatham, Ontario played the word 'QUIZZERS' on the tablet version of Scrabble and received a staggering 365 points for the single move!

Yes, that's a lot!

Betty Kuchta loves to play online Scrabble with her husband, Stephen. Clearly all of that playing paid off! (Betty Kuchta)

In case you don't play Scrabble, that is a lot of points. In fact, getting 365 points in an entire game would likely leave you the winner. But getting that amount for one word? Well, that is almost unheard of.

Betty was helped by the fact that 'QUIZZERS' contains three letters worth 10 points (the Q and two Zs). She also landed on two triple word score spaces, as well as a double letter score space for one of her Zs. And finally, she received 50 bonus points for using all seven of her tiles in one word. Wow!

As she told CBC radio, one of her first thoughts was, "Maybe this is some kind of record." Turns out, it was very close. Thanks to some digging by the radio station's staff, her score ties the highest US score for a single turn—it was set in 2006 by Michael Cresta of Massachusetts with the word "QUIXOTRY".

In the end, Betty's final score—672—fell well short of the record for a complete game, which is 850. But still, what a game!

Do you have any high scoring stories for your own game play this pandemic? Let us know!

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  1. Wow! How did she get 365 points in one word??? I once played scrabble and got twice less points than Betty did in one word! 😮 😮 😛 😮 😛 😀

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