SUPER SUMMER READS: Bravelands: Broken Pride

OWLconnected reader Phillip reviews latest book from Erin Hunter, author of the Warriors series
bravelands: broken pride OWLconnected reader Phillip with Bravelands: Broken Pride, the first in a new series from author Erin Hunter.

Have you heard of Erin Hunter? Maybe you've read her Warriors series, or her Survivors series, or her Seekers series. When you include sequels, spin-offs, and manga adaptations, she has produced almost 100 books.

Say it with me: wow.

Erin's secret? Being six people! The name "Erin Hunter" is actually a pseudonym (or pen name) for a team of six authors who all work together to write fantasy books.

Up next from Erin Hunter

We got our hands on a copy of Erin's newest book, Broken Pride, the first in a new series called Bravelands. This time, she's moved away from the cats, dogs, and bears she's known for and started a new story about animal adventures on the African savannah.

We sent this book to OWLconnected reader Phillip, age 10, for review. Check out his thoughts below!

Phillip says...

I liked this book because it was funny, sometimes serious, but still great.

The thing I didn't like was how, at some points, it went very slow, and took a long time to catch up.

I think other kids would like to read it because it's Halloween-y and kinda spooky.

My rating is 8.5/10.

Bravelands: Broken Pride is available now

Do you like adventure stories featuring talking animals? Then keep an eye out for Bravelands: Broken Pride at your favourite library or bookstore.

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