SUPER SUMMER READS: Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook

Check out this story about baseball, new schools, and a little too much planning
Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook review Gabby's got a plan, and OWLconnected reader Liam knows all about it!

Ready to move on to your next great summer read? We've got you covered! This one's perfect for all you sports fans.

Middle-school baseball champ Gabby Garcia has a truly excellent, fool-proof, leak-free, flame-retardant, unbreakable, unsmashable, unbeatable, all-around 100% guaranteed-to-work plan. With it, she's confident she'll shoot straight into sports stardom at her new school.

But life rarely goes exactly according to plan, and you can bet uber-confident Gabby will hit a few fouls along the way. You can also bet she'll find some clever, creative, and downright funny ways to get back on track.

Think Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook, by Iva-Marie Palmer, might be your next summer read? If you're on the fence, check out the review below from OWLconnected reader Liam, age 9.

Liam says...

baseball hit
Home-run read? (© Jeff Hinds | Dreamstime)

I liked that the book was about a girl that was obsessed with sports, because I am crazy about sports, too. I also like that Gabby is a funny character, and she always figures out how to handle her problems.

But 286 pages is bit too long for a kid’s book.

I think other kids would want to read it because this book is funny.

Rating: 7.5/10

Available now

Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook cover
Published in May 2017 from Harper Collins Canada.

Thanks, Liam!

If you want to take a swing at Gabby's story, ask for Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook at your favourite library or bookstore.

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  1. I have read this book and i think it is exellent! other kids would love this book. i like books with more than 200 pages

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