SUPER SUMMER READS: Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code

New read combines mystery, friendship, and a whole lot of code
girls who code: the friendship code OWLconnected reader Mackenzie shares her take on the new Girls Who Code book.

Javascript! PHP! Python! Swift!

No, we're not just shouting random words. (Though that can be fun. Baseball! Rubber boot! Kookaburra!) Those words up there are a few examples of coding languages. These languages (and many others) are the invisible instructions that activate much of the technology you use every day.

Without code, the world would look nothing like it does today. Everything from Splatoon 2 to that adorable space robot needs code to work, and as technology becomes more and more important in our lives, so does code. But code doesn't just appear on its own: somebody needs to write it.

Imagine how you could shape the future if you were the one at the keyboard.

Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code is a new story about a handful of girls learning to write code. We sent a copy to OWLconnected reader Mackenzie, age 10, for review. Check out her thoughts below!

Mackenzie's review

The book is almost all about making new friends. They were friends until they got mad at each other in Grade 3 and stopped talking to each other. So, the girls talked it over and became friends again. I also liked that the book was about coding. I didn't know what coding was until I read this book and I found it interesting.

What I didn't like about the book is that Lucy's Uncle Mickey was diagnosed with cancer. It made me feel scared and upset.

I think other kids would want to read this because it is almost like a mystery book. I never knew what was coming next. Also, the book was a mystery because there were clues about how to code and no one knows who it is that's leaving notes until the end of the book.

I give it a rating of 9/10. This was a very, very good book.

Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code available now

Thanks, Mackenzie!

If you want to read this story, ask for it at your favourite bookstore or library. And if you want to learn more about coding, check out the Girls Who Code website here.

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