Brothers remake Toy Story 3 in its entirety!

Toy Story 3 IRL is fan movie to end all fan movies
Toy Story 3 IRL The brothers behind this film received permission from Disney to put the film on YouTube. (Facebook/Toy Story 3 In Real Life Project)

So, it's a Saturday in February. Sounds like a good day to curl up with a great movie to us. Might we make a suggestion? How about Toy Story 3?

What's that you say? You love it, but you've already seen it recently? Not like this you haven't...

Get ready for Toy Story 3... IN REAL LIFE!

Eight years in the making!

Back in 2012, teenage brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew from Des Moines, Iowa, began an incredible journey. They decided to recreate their favourite movie, Toy Story 3, shot-for-shot as if it happened in the real world.

Using stop motion animation and sequences acted out by family, friends, and people in their community, they spent an unreal eight years making their version of the 100-minute film. (Now, Morgan is 23 and Mason 21.)

As this video proves, no detail was too small to miss. They hunted down as many toys as they could, including all of Ken's outfits!

They even redid the opening credits with the Disney and Pixar logos! Alongside the way, the learned a ton about filmmaking, not to mention their own determination!

To infinity and beyond!

The result is not only a loving tribute to one of the greatest animated movies of all time, it's also just as touching and fun as the original... if with its own special twists!

So grab some popcorn and a blanket and press play on this wonderful, homemade remake. Enjoy!

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