Welcome home! It’s LEGO House!

Attraction in Denmark is another monument to the world's most beloved bricks
lego house An aerial view of the brand new LEGO House attraction in Billund, Denmark. (LEGO)

LEGO has come a long way in the last couple decades. Sure, it's been a popular toy around the world since at least the 1960s. But its influence today is simply massive.

There are LEGO stores that sell nothing but the Danish brick-based sets (you can even be the star of some of them). LEGO films like The LEGO Ninjago Movie are some of the biggest films in the world, and their video games are equally huge. LEGO mini-figures are currently orbiting Jupiter aboard the Juno spacecraft. According to Forbes Magazine, LEGO is the most powerful brand on Earth.

Then there are the LEGOland Theme Parks and Discovery Centres. These amusements parks and indoor playgrounds are wall-to-wall-to-wall LEGO madness, full of different worlds, rides, and lots more.

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LEGOland in Billund... now just the second-coolest LEGO attraction in town. (Getty Embed)

The oldest LEGOland is in Billund, Denmark, the home of the original LEGO factory. It's also home to the world's newest LEGO attraction: LEGO House.

A building for creative building

lego house waterfall

Whoosh! The bricks are overflowing at LEGO House! (LEGO)

LEGO House opened this September 28. Just what makes it special?

It has a series of coloured rooms, each with a different theme. The Blue Zone has the Robo Lab and a Race Track to test self-made aerodynamic creations.

The Red Zone is a giant free-for-all building area.

The Green Zone lets you shoot your own stop-motion movies with LEGO characters and sets.

The Yellow Zone is like a wildlife wilderness, complete with a feature that lets you design your own "fish," which then get released into a virtual aquarium.

It's pretty bonkers! Have a look...

Before we let you go, we'd also like to show off the Tree of Creativity, a stunning structure in the centre of the Masterpiece Gallery found at the heart of LEGO House. This thing is one of the largest and most complex LEGO structures ever built.

Now THAT is some master building in action!

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  2. That’s amazing! I hope to visit the Lego House someday. I am also definitely forwarding this Email to other people. Its just mind blowing.

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