GIVEAWAY: Win tickets to see Disneynature’s Born in China!

It doesn't get any cuter than this new Disneynature film, coming to theatres on April 21. Read on for a chance to see it early!
Disneynature "Born in China" Who likes pandas? We do! These endangered bears share the screen with snow leopards and golden snub-nosed monkeys. (©2017 DISNEYNATURE)

Picking favourites is hard. If you asked us our favourite colour, we'd waffle between green and blue. If you asked us our favourite food, it would be an epic battle between pizza, spaghetti, and frozen yogurt. And if you wanted to know our favourite animal?

Well, that's just impossible. How can we pick just one?

Quadruple the awww

Disneynature's new narrative documentary Born in China gets this. Instead of choosing one animal to focus on, it introduces us to four animal families: snow leopards, giant pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, and chirus. The more the merrier, we say!

Born in China uses these wild animals as "actors" to tell four heart-warming stories about the importance of family. Say it with us: awwwwwww.

A mysterious world

Born in China movie still
So mysterious... and amazing! (©2017 DISNEYNATURE)

These endangered species live in hard-to-reach areas of China where people rarely go. This means that the film doesn't only feature amazing animal shots—it also has some downright incredible footage of the Chinese wilderness. Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek at the jaw-dropping beauty.

Advance screening tickets available in three cities

Born in China movie poster


Interested? You're in luck! Born in China will have advance screenings in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. And OWLconnected is giving away 3 family passes to each. Each family pass is good for 4 people.

The screenings will be on April 19th at 7 PM. If you want to enter, head down to the comments to answer the following question:

What wild animal are you most curious about?

Please also include city choice for the screening in your comment. Thanks and good luck, everyone!

Contest is open to residents of Canada only. Contest closes on Wednesday, April 12th at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be randomly chosen. Prize courtesy of Disney. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen here.

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  1. My daughter was adopted from Jiangxi, China in 2006. We have not been able to take her back home to her birth country yet. We are hoping one day soon. She has an obsession for Pandas and has a lovely collection.

    She would love to see Born in China be ause she truely is our ChinaGirl

  2. I’m actually curious about all wild animals! I’ve never been a big animal person until a friend of mine explained some things she saw during a recent trip she took. It got me on Google learning more about them. I saw the preview for Born in China and thought what an opportunity to learn even more! Would be great to see in Toronto 🙂

  3. I am most interested about monkeys. They are so smart and human like.

    Interested in screening in Toronto.

  4. Snow leopards and pandas. They’re both such magnificent creatures and to watch footage of them would be a breathtaking experience. Vancouver. Thank you guys soooooooooooooooooo much!

  5. I am most interested in the mongoose. They are curious, funny & they take on cool is that?!?

    I would love to see the movie in Calgary please!!!

  6. I live in Vancouver BC. The animal I am most curious about is the snow leopard because they are interesting

  7. I love the snow leopards because they are so rare and hard to find. My favorite 2 animals are the Tiger & Chimpanzee monkey. I watch panda eat bamboo.
    i like the snow leopards because they have white fur with black spots. The pandas are black and white. The monkey is jumping on trees.

    We can’t win the passes, as we do not live in one of those three cities. We will see it when it comes out in our town.

  8. I’d love to see it in Vancouver and how can I pick just one animal that I’m most curious about? They’re all so fascinating :o! Since I’ve heard a lot about pandas, if I had to put an animal down, I’d say the snow leopard. I don’t know much about them except that they’re beautiful and elusive.

  9. I am most excited to learn more about the chirus. I have never heard this word before and know nothing about the animal. They look majestic. The entire movie will be fun and informative.

  10. Panda is the animal I am most curious about because they are the cutest animal on earth.
    * Toronto screening*

  11. 😛 😛 😛 Panda of course. I come from Sichuan Chinese, panda’s home city. 🙂 Toronto tickets please!

  12. 😛 😛 😛 Panda of course. I come from Sichuan Chinese, panda’s home city. 🙂 Toronto tickets please!

  13. i really love Panda – so cute animals – really want to watch born in China – thank you 😀

  14. I’m most curious about the snow leopard! Such beautiful creatures!

    I would love tickets to the Toronto screening. The movie looks amazingly cute and adorable!

  15. Pandas! Every single one of my animal projects were always about pandas. Vancouver. Thank you!!

  16. Those pandas are so cute – and they are the “mascot” of my sorority so I would love to learn more about them. I would like to see this in Vancouver – I LOVE Disneynature!!!

  17. It would be for Vancouver Please and Thank You. I’m curious about the snow leopard and their habitat. 😀

  18. My son loves Pandas and would be very happy to see this movie in Toronto.

    Thno you for the chance

  19. I love flamingos….their colour is stunning! I’d be curious to know more about them. My family and I would love to see this screening in Toronto, please.

  20. In general, I’m interested in alligators. From this movie, I’d like to learn about the chirus. Toronto

  21. I have a new affection for capybaras … especially those that run around in the wilds of metropolises ?! (Toronto, please.)

  22. My most curious wild animal is “OWL”

    I am a die heart owl fan and always want to know everything about them. I wish there is such a thing is PET OWL…I will bring them home and be part of my family.

  23. Curious about Panda bears. They’re absolutely adorable and are vegetarians. Vancouver please and thank you! ???

  24. Vancouver, please! I’ve always been fascinated by pandas and I’d love to see some wonderful footage of them in their natural habitat 🙂

  25. I would love tickets to the Toronto screening!

    I love all animals and would love to see all the various monkeys.

  26. I am most interested in the chiru. How does it manage with those long horns?

    Vancouver, please. Thanks.

  27. I am curious about polar bears and the effects of climate change on them. I think polar bears are big and powerful. I would love to learn more about them! ?

  28. The animal that I am most curios about is the rhinoceros, even though my favourite animal is a penguin. All five species are endangered and I would help them if I could. I live in Toronto. I love animals and the new movie sounds amazing! ?

  29. Lions. One of my favourite animals. They seem so docile yet they are feared so curious what makes them King of the jungle. Calgary please

  30. My brother is obsessed with Panda’s and I would love to bring him to this movie because he is always curious to learn more about them!

  31. I am most curious about cougar’s. Calgary please the kids are looking forward to seeing this movie.

  32. Most curious about deep sea ocean dwellers and cephalopods.
    Calgary for the screening, please – thank you!

  33. The panda, especially since they’re coming to the Calgary Zoo next year (yes, that means I’m entering for Calgary.) 🙂

  34. I’m most curious about pandas! They live so far away geographically. It’d be nice to learn more about them. Toronto please!

  35. The wild animal Im most cusious about is the golden monkey. I would love to see this movie in Calgary thanks.

  36. I want to learn more about pandas! They’re so cute! I would love to see this movie in Calgary please.

  37. For Calgary please! My favourite animal is penguins, but in this movie I am very curious about the snow leopards!

  38. Most curious about sharks. We still don’t know everything about them. They live their lives in mysterious ocean depths.

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