CONTEST: Guinness World Records 2023

Enter for a chance to WIN three copies of the ultimate guide to the best (and often strangest) achievements in the world
You could win one of three copies of this brand new book! (Prizes Courtesy of Guinness World Records)

What does it take to achieve a world record?

Training. Dedication. A single-minded focus.

And of course, someone from Guinness World Records needs to be there to record your efforts!

Since 1955, Guinness World Records has been the ultimate authority on amazing human achievements. And whether that achievement is about running at top speed or eating the most ice cream, if you have the ambition, anyone can make it on to their hallowed pages.

To keep up with humanity's barrier-breaking ways, Guinness World Records releases a new book of records every year. The newest edition--the Guinness World Records 2023 Book--is loaded with new record-setters. This includes two Canadians! Quebec's Elladj Balde for Longest figure skating backflip & Most people backflipped over on ice skates, and the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs Hair Freezing Contest in Yukon, which was the Largest frozen hair competition. (This contest was also featured in a recent Weird Zone in OWL magazine.)

Sounds truly extraordinary!

This contest is now closed

Contest time!

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Canadian figure skater Elladj Balde has a pair of world records in this new book! (Getty Embed)

We are giving away 3 copies of the Guinness World Records 2023 Book. Would you like to be one of the lucky winners? To do so, you don't need to be a Guinness World Records title-holder.

Simply comment below with your first name and your answer to the following question:

What world record would you most like to set?

Good luck!

Contest is open to residents of Canada only. Prizes courtesy of Guinness World Records. Contest closes on October 3rd at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be randomly chosen. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen here.

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    1. Make sure to have someone take care of your body like get food for you, and on the first day have a really good sleep, because once a guy did this challenge without eating or drinking or sleeping which resulted in 😵

  1. I would try to set the world record for the most claps In 1 minute, or the record for fastest time to sharpen ten pencils fully.

    Wish me luck

  2. I think I can win a hoola hoop contest, love it and do it all the time and I’m good at it . Don’t know how long I can go for but I can go for a while. Happy Thursday

  3. I would like to see how many pizza slices I could eat in an hour. Not sure if I would set a World Record but I’d have fun giving it a go. I love the Guinness World Records books. They have always been a favorite in our family for years.

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