Disney’s new film Encanto looks charmed and charming!

The November movie introduces us to the magical Madrigal family to see what truly makes someone special
encanto Mirabel Madrigal is a normal woman in a family of magical people. (Disney)

Though we're still enjoying the summery glow of Luca, there's nothing wrong with getting excited about another upcoming animated film. And Disney's new trailer for Encanto has definitely got us feeling that way!

This November release looks like a musical opus—it features songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the music for both Moana and the hit musical Hamilton. The title—Encanto—is Spanish for 'charmed', and the colourful movie certainly looks like it will be charming.

But it will also be charmed ... as in 'magical'.

What makes someone magical?

The movie is about a Colombian family, the Madrigals. Every member of the Madrigals is magical. They have superpower talents that give them a truly special energy. Everyone, that is, except Mirabel Madrigal. She is just, well, normal.

However, her family doesn't want to give into the idea that Mirabel isn't exceptional. How will Mirabel handle the pressure? We've got a few months to wait for the answer, but we're certainly excited to find out!

Watch the trailer for yourself below. Encanto opens on November 24.

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