The newest flick from Disney/Pixar takes us to seaside Italy in the 1950s to meet some very adorable monsters!
Luca Who's ready for adventure? Luca and Alberto can't wait to try out their awesome scooter in Luca. (© 2021 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved)

What is under the sea?

It's a question that humans have been asking for ages. The sea has always held mystery, excitement, possibilities—maybe a little terror!—and deep adventure. Even today, it's still full of so many unknowns! Now, the wonderful new Disney/Pixar movie Luca is asking this classic question, but with a big twist.

What is up on the land?

That is the burning question for Luca, a young sea monster who lives with his family in the gorgeous blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. By day, he tends to his family's herd of goatfish. But by night, he dreams of the world above the waters. What is out there? His parents warn that is only full of danger and forbid him to travel there. But still ... how can he be sure?

Suddenly, he meets Alberto. He is a fellow sea monster, and he knows about the world above the sea. Come on, he says. And so Luca's adventure begins!

Seaing is believing!

A pair of sea monsters named Alberto and Luca are on the lookout for land. (Wait until you see how they change!) (© 2021 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved)

From their biggest hits to their more underrated gems (we're telling you, Onward is really great!), you can always count on Disney/Pixar to deliver a film full of wild imagination and beautiful worlds. Luca is all of that and more.

Once Luca and Alberto reach land, they arrive in a sunny seaside town on the Italian Riviera, a section of coastline. The town is full beautiful homes, colourful characters, and soooooo much good food. Gelato! Seafood! Pasta! Wow! (And for more on how the film was made, check out our interview with the film's director and producer in Issue 122 of the OWLconnected eMag!)

It's a lot for our new adventurers—who turn immediately into humans as soon as they leave the water—to wrap their heads around. There are even these wonderful machines called 'Vespas' that people drive around and, it is said, will lead you to freedom! It's so exciting! Maybe the land isn't so bad after all.

Fish out of water

Trying pasta with their new human friend, Giulia. We're pretty sure they'll love it! (© 2021 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved)

But shy Luca and super confident Alberto soon begin to understand that sea monsters are not welcome here. Many in the town fear them. Some even claim to hunt them. And if people knew what Luca and Alberto actually were? It could be a disaster.

Luca is a movie about adventure in unknown places and understanding between strangers. But above all, it's the story of how a friend like Alberto helps Luca realize his dreams and discover who he really is. And it's also a film about the magic of summer and being with the people who really get you. Whether they're humans or sea monsters!

Are you excited to spend your summer having new adventures, too? If so, Luca is the perfect way to getting pumped for months of sea and sun, food and fun. Dive in!

Luca is streaming now on Disney+ and is screening at select theatres across Canada.

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