The Star Wars saga goes Solo!

Brand new trailers premiered last night and this morning to get us ready for the origin of fan favourite, Han Solo
solo-a-star-wars-story The newest Star Wars Story spinoff film, Solo, is coming May 25. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

In our post last Friday, we talked about how the Super Bowl is so much more than just a game of football. And if you watched Sunday's game (congrats, Eagles!) and are a Star Wars fan, you know what we're talking about.

That's because one of the big game's many exciting, main event commercials was a TV spot for the newest Star Wars movie!

But we've barely digested everything that happened in The Last Jedi. And wasn't Rogue One just a year ago?

Yes, we know, but Solo: A Star Wars Story is indeed coming May 25, 2018. Would we lie to you?

Getting a Han-dle on this

Okay, quick primer for those not familiar. Han Solo was a smuggler, space pirate, and charming sort of guy with a giant wookiee best friend named Chewbacca...until a chance meeting with a young Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi in Episode IV: A New Hope changed his fate forever.

He would become one of the Rebellion's greatest leaders.ย But even through four full movies of adventure, his past remained pretty mysterious. Sure, you knew that intergalatic gangster Jabba The Hutt had every bounty hunter in the galaxy looking for him. But you never really understood why.

That's what this movie is going to be about. For example, that guy in the big fur cape midway through the TV spot? That's a young Lando Calrissian, who we first met as Han's old friend in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

What's to know about Solo?

Embed from Getty Images

Actor Alden Ehrenreich talks about getting the role of a lifetime as a young Han Solo. No pressure! (Getty Embed)

So what can we expect? Chewbacca is around in this film. So is Han's signature ship, the Millennium Falcon. But there are plenty of new characters, too. And in the opening of the TV spot, Han seems to be applying to join the Empire. So who is young Han, really?

Knowing we're all asking the same question, the good folks at Disney were kind enough to follow last night's Super Bowl TV ad with an even longer trailer this morning.

Watch and decode, young Jedi. Another intergalactic adventure is headed our way!

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