We are ready for this jellyfish! New emojis previewed!

Not all of the emojis on the list are confirmed to be released later this year, but we hope the shaking head makes the cut!
We love that shaking head! (Emojipedia)


Not only do we love them and find them adorable, they have also become pretty important in communicating.

In some ways, emojis have created a more direct way of expressing ourselves via text and emails than words do. A well-timed nervous face () or snoozer () can make all the difference. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

That why we look forward to a new emoji update. And why, more and more, the people who make and approve emojis are trying to pay attention to what we need and want most.

A preview of the planned new iOS and Android emojis for 2022-23 was recently released. And while it is not as big as some updates in the past, these 31 newly proposed mini-images have some fun stuff. Maybe there are some in here that you have been looking for already!

Shaking heads, jellyfish, and ginger

Which is your favourite? (Emojipedia)

The highlight of these new emojis is a dizzying, shaking head. What sound do you think that character is making? Whatever the case, we think we recognize that feeling!

There are also some great new animals. A moose and a donkey! Geese and crows! And a jellyfish, who are seriously underrated animals in our book.

On the food side of things, we're really happy that ginger is going to make the cut—it is a really important part of many world cuisines, especially food from China, India, and other countries in eastern Asia. Also, those peas in a pod are both delicious looking and cute. Yum!

What does the hand mean?

But the most curious new emoji is the hand. Viewed from the side, these hands are held upright and flat, pushing outwards. What does it mean?

So far the internet is full of interpretations. Maybe it is an invitation to a high five? Perhaps it is someone trying to push something out of the way? (Emojipedia calls it 'the pushing hand'.) Or maybe, as others have suggested, it is saying 'talk to the hand', a response to someone when they say something silly. There are a few possibilities for that hand, from the celebratory to the sassy.

That's the fun thing about communication. Words and images can mean different things depending on how you use them and who you're using them with. How would you like to use these emojis? You have a while to think about it—the emojis should hit Android phones in fall 2022, and early 2023 on Apple iOS.

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